Office COM Add-in Deployment




I believe this should be the right place to ask this question.

I'm creating a COM Add-in to Microsoft Visio using Visual Studio 2008. I
followed the following procedure.

1. Created an Extensibility Shared Add-in Project.
2. In the onConneciton method, added Menu and MenuItem to the Visio
3. Performed specific action when the Menu Item is clicked.
4. Excluded the Visio.dll and Office.dll from the deployment project.
5. Had the following as the pre-requisites for the installation - .Net 3.5
framework and Visio Insatllation by searching the Registry key of Visio 12.0
registry key.

Now the Add-in msi gets installed in a target PC and the intended
functionality works as expected. On the Tools --> Trust Center --> Add-ins
page, I could see my Add-in listed as COM Add-in. But the Publisher is shown
as None. Should I do anything specific for that.

Also I would like to know if signing this Add-in is mandatory to make it
available to our customers. On searching, I see items like CAS and Trusting
etc., I do not have a strong name for my add-in too. Please let me know if
those things are mandatory for an Add-in.

Also, how will I confirm that the Microsoft PIA's or the VSTO Runtime are
not distributed along with my Add-in installer. I do not see the Microsoft
PIA's or the Visual Studio Tools in the setup project pre-requisites
settings. If this is not listed there, does that mean the PIA's are not
needed for this Add-in.

Any help on this will be greatly appreciated.



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