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Jeff Strickland

I was doing an upgrade from Office Pro '03 to '07, and hit an error calling
for C:\TEMP\SKU011.CAB. The CAB was not anywhere on the machine so I copied
the file from another machine to the TEMP folder, then another CAB, then

I'm not sure where the files went, but I had them on another machine so I
copied the entire folder from one machine to the other, and the upgrade
finished okay.

It ran a bit on the slow side, but I'm thinking this is a hardware issue not
a file location issue.

It's a bit of a pain to have the qualified base for an upgrade installed and
running, and have the Installation Support Files missing. It seems that one
must REINSTALL the qualified base to ensure the files are in place to
support the Upgrade. Why would MSoft assume that people would keep CAB files
after an aplication is installed and running? If a file inside of a CAB is
needed, then it ought to be installed already, not extracted from the CAB
during an Upgrade.

MSoft must hate its customers. On the other hand, I could have made $150 to
install the upgrade if this was a paying customer instead of a family




You can avoid the pain by ensuring that MSOCache (hidden folder on your
HD) is not deleted after the installation is completed. Most people, on
the advise from Susie Rammy (c**k S**ker with ego) always deletes these
cache files and so updates will never go smoothly.

Why M$ needs these old files only the god will know but since we are all
hostage of M$ products, there is nothing we can do about it.



Its never been the case with an Office Upgrade installation, that it
requires the qualifying version to be installed.
You simply need the earlier cd available during the upgrade installation

Jeff Strickland

I did not have the CD available. I have a CD that meets the requirement, but
it wasn't available. I did have an operating Office Suite though, so I'm
thinking that the Upgrade ought to have worked.



Jeff Strickland

Peter Foldes said:
See the following for possible fix

My condition under the CAUSE is that I was installing an Upgrade to Office
'07 to an existing installation of Office '03, and the Installation Files
for '03 had been removed from the machine. The specified remedy is to get
the '03 Installation CD. Another remedy is to copy the CAB files from
another installation of Office '03 to the specified folder pointed to by the
error message.

If the files are only needed for installation and not for use of the Office
Suite, then they ought not be required for the Upgrade. That's the point of
this. Software engineers should be cognizant of the fact that the stuff they
are installing today needs to stand on its own. If the program is an
upgrade, then they need to scour the machine for a qualified base of the
upgrade, but then provide all of the necessary files that the new program
needs. The writers of today have no way to know that the CD from the
previous installation is available any longer, and they should assume that
the un-needed installation files from the qualified base had been removed
long ago. It's completely fair that they seek a qualified basis if the
Upgrade Package, but once that basis is established, then the new program
MUST provide all of the components that it needs, and not require the
customer to provide files that may not exist any longer.

Microsoft OFFERS to remove the unneeded Installation Files at the end of the
Office installation. The Upgrade should not look for stuff that Microsoft
removes upon completion of the previous version's installation process.

This is the same argument that I've been making for years about Free Trials
that have to be uninstalled by people with no clue how to uninstall
anything. The Free Trial come preloaded, and MSoft writers should be able to
uninstall transparently so that the customer does not have to struggle with
this crap for hours and then post here, just to have some MVP drill them
about the OS and Version, or whatever.

If MSoft is going to route the phone calls to India, it ought to make the
installation wizard recognize MSoft products that are being replaced by the
wizard, and take care of the "problem" long before there is an urge to
scream at the telephone.

Hmmm, I'm installing Office Suite today. Hmmm. Oh, there's a Trial Version
of Office already here, I gotta take that out first. I better tell the User.

(Reading a message that says there is a Free Trial Version that will be
uninstalled before the Installation Wizard can proceed -- OK or BACK <click
one>) Clicks OK

<Message> Deleting pre-loaded free trial version of the Office Suite. Your
computer will automatically reboot and resume the Installation ...

There is no reason from a technology perspective that 99% of the free trial
versions can't be automatically uninstalled when the full version is going
in. No reason at all. Well, one reason. The writers did not write well, but
that's not a fault of the technology ...


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