Office registration causes program failures



Hi folks :)

BACKGROUND: I deploy an application that requires the user to have a
working copy of MS Access on their PC. My install program checks for a
suitable version of Windows (98, 98ME, 98SE, 2000 or XP), then a
suitable version of Access (97, 2000, 2002 or 2003). It does the latter
by checking the registry for progid's: HKCR/Access.Application.9 for
Access 97, ditto.10 for Access 2000, and so on.

PROBLEM: My app just failed on one PC, apparently because the user's
installation of Office 2000 had not been registered yet. Whenever he
tried to start my app, it failed (reproducibly) with a hard fault
inside MS Access. I asked him to start Access seperately (via Start :
Run) - no problem. I then asked him to try Help : About. At that point,
the Registration wizard appeared - apparently for the first time. I
asked him to close that wizard, close Access & try my app again. From
then onwards, my app worked fine, except that the registration wizard
displayed (to say that Office had not been registered yet) whenever he
started it.

QUESTION: It seems that the registration wizard had to be kicked-off
"manually", once, before Access would work correctly. So, is there any
way to do that through code? Or, to determine (through code) that it
needs to be done? By "through code", I mean via win32 API calls, or
examining the registry, or somesuch. My objective is, to have a
predictable end-user experience, in the situation described above.

TIA all,


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