OL2003 CRC error in .pst ?



Hey folks I'm running Outlook 2003 and my PST file is 433M.

I just got a checksum CRC error on it. I can't pull down mail
and the OS won't let me rename so that I could put new PST
in its place. Outlook doesn't want to (easily) revert back to a
default PST file either.

Does any know of a utility that would go into the PST, recalulate
a new CRC and change that particular header field.

Am I stuck or am I over simplfying the concept?

Is there a way out & still save all those email?

Thanks in advance.
Joe K




For those who may not know what a CRC is:
Cyclic Redundancy Check.

What operating system are you using?
Do you use Exchange? HTTP?

Without more info you may want to check the following MS Support Article:
"Data Error (Cyclic Redundancy Check)" Error Message When Outlook Downloads

Nikki Peterson

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