OL2007 Add-in won't install on OL2010


Mark B

I have a user that has tried to install out VSTO OL2007 Addin onto OL2010

Ken Slovak had previously said he thought it would install and work without
any modifications but the user is getting the following installation error:

Popup dialog:
Title: "Microsoft Office 2007 Primary Interop Assemblies"
Text: "Please install Microsoft Office 2007 before installing this

I have just read

From what I understand in summary my OL2010 user can't use our Add-in until
MS release 2010 PIA, correct? Or is there a work-around in the interim?

Ken Slovak - [MVP - Outlook]

The redistributable PIA package won't be released until after RTM, as that
link indicated.

However, if the machine has a full installation of Office 2010 on it the PIA
for Office 2010 should be there in the GAC. I have a few machines running
Office 2010 and they all have the Office, Outlook, etc. PIA's installed in
the GAC (version 14). In cases like that you don't need the redistributable

I don't do much with VSTO addins very often, but certainly for a shared
addin you could set up a test to check for the Office 2010 PIA's that you
need and to fail the installation if they aren't there. You couldn't install
them for the user, but you could tell them to do the installation from the
Office install until the redistributables are released.

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