OL2007 Contact form email address 'Display As' field



OL2007 (not using Business Contacts Mangler) in Vista Ult...

My contact forms show the full name of the contact but the File As field
shows CompanyName (Lastname, FirstName).

Until a few days ago, when I entered a person's email address, and then
clicked in the Display As field, it automatically showed FirstName LastName
(email address), which is fine - exactly what I want.

Now, I discover that Outlook, with no instructions from me, has changed
every single one so that the Display As field shows CompanyName (LastName,
FirstName) (email address), which is absolutely *not* what I want either in
the contacts form or in the To field of my emails.

There doesn't seem to be any way of expressing a preference so I have been
left with altering thousands of contacts manually.... >8-(

Does anyone know why this happened and how I can stop it happening again?

Thank you!


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