OLE Server and ActiveX Error



I am running Access 2007 on Windows 7 using a Virtual Box VM. I am
currently getting the "A problem occurred while Microsoft Access was
communicating with the OLE server or ActiveX Control" message, when
adding a record in a form using a combo box. If I click OK and then re-
access the combo box (on the now blank record) I can select the
correct information and the form (and thus the table) updates. This
error only occurs when adding new records in this one subform. As far
as I know there are no ActiveX controls in the database. I have done
the following:
1. Checked the references in the VBE - there were only:
Visual Basic for Applications, Microsoftf Access 12.0 Object
Library, OLE Automation, Microsoft Access 12.0 Access database engine
Objects - I have also tried with Microsoft ActiveX Ddata objects 6.0
Library both on and off with no chnage.
2. Followed Allen Browne's steps - removed the name Autocorrect,
decompiled, compacted and repaired, compiled the code etc to no avail.
I would appreciate any help with this.


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