OleDB Provider for Excel 2007 Binary (.xlsb)



Hi Fellows,

I found the Excel 2007 Binary format (with extension .xlsb) perfectly
suitable for my needs, since it's fast to load and very compact. I deliver a
bunch of reports in Excel that carries a lot of data, and those reports are
actually being loaded with a IS package.

So I assumed the conversion to this very format, read documentation on
Access Ole DB Provider 12, where it stands that xlsb is supported by this
provider, I converted the files in Excel, and then when trying to change then
in the packages (just by changing the path of the file by adding the "b"
suffix) I got the following error message:

"Test connection failed because of an error in initializing provider. This
file was created in a previous beta version of Excel 2007. Open the file
with Excel 2007 to save it to the most recent version of the Excel 2007 file
format before opening the file in Access 2007."

Well, I thought that it could be some problem with the conversion of the
file, so I picked up a brand new and filled with some information. Tried
again, same error!!

Then I tried the approach with ".udl" files, same error!
Then I tried to test in different machines:
- My own (Windows Vista SP1)
- My colleagues (Windows XP SP2)
- The IS Server (Windows Server 2003 x64 SP2)

And the error persist. I found it so easy to reproduce the error, that I'm
bit surprised that I didn't found anything about it by googleing around!

Can somebody help me?

Thanks in advance,


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