OneNote 2007 always prompts to unpack?

Discussion in 'OneNote' started by jman0war, Apr 24, 2012.

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    Apr 24, 2012
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    Hi, i'm new to OneNote.
    I've created a workbook with several tabs and saved it to a shared folder on my computer.
    I intend to have others open this workbook and contribute.

    However, everytime I open it (and they too), I get a prompt to "unpack notebook".

    I Click NEXT
    "Who will use this notebook"?
    I select: "In a shared folder on this computer"

    But it errors out on my share location:

    OneNote cannot create a new notebook at: C:\share\project name
    The specified location is a section group inside a notebook that is already open.

    If I don't put in my share folder path, and just let OneNote keeps program defaults... it creates it in my documents\onenote....

    But then the actual workbook contains 2 sets of worksheets (on the left..) one that is located on my share, and one that is located in Mydocs.

    This must be a common problem... how can I resolve it?
    jman0war, Apr 24, 2012
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