OneNote links between page


Piotr Karocki

I'm trying to export OneNote Notebook with all links between pages and
paragraphs working.

To get page content, I use
oONapp.GetPageContent oPage.Attributes.getNamedItem("ID").Text, xmlPage

In it, I get links in form like this:
<a href="onenote:#sakr&amp;section-id={3453F9ED-AC95-4114-B18A-
path=C:\MyDoc\OneNote\Std\">akcent na dynamiczny</a>

I thought "object-id" in this link is same as "objectID" in
<one:Outline author="pkar" lastModifiedBy="pkar" lastModifiedTime="2013-10-
01T06:07:23.000Z" objectID="{15531D5B-12D5-09EA-101F-1DA482DA012D}{10}
or in
<one:OE creationTime="2013-10-01T06:07:19.000Z" lastModifiedTime="2013-10-
01T06:07:23.000Z" objectID="{15531D5B-12D5-09EA-101F-1DA482DA012D}{11}
{B0}" alignment="left">

but it isn't :(

Someone know how to 'convert' object-id from <a href tag to objectId in
<one:Outline or <one:OE tag?


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