Outlook 07 to MSX07 over VPN via 3G very slow



We have a user on Outlook 2007 with a PST file who uses a 3G modem and VPN
connection when out on the road.

On the LAN he is fine, hooks up to Exchange, downloads his mail to the PST
(which I hate, but oh well..) and its all good.

Put this same guy on the road with a 3G modem, establish a VPN connection
where DNS and etc.. all work properly, open Outlook and it takes an eternity
before he can even view his local PST emails, and then send/receive is hit
and miss (if it works its abysmally slow else it just wont work).

Does anyone know why this would be so slow even with a PST file?

I know of Outlook Anywhere, but will that work if he has a PST?

Thanks muchly!



Diane Poremsky [MVP]

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