Outlook 2000 doesn't see new Exchange Server

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Anthony E. Scandora, Jr.

We're finally upgrading an Exchange 2000 Server system, one server, one
domain, one Administrative Group, one Routing Group. I installed Exchange
2003 on a temporary server and moved a test mailbox to it. I had thought
that Outlook was supposed to know about the new server. Not only was it
trying to open the mailbox on the old server, the Control Panel applet had
the server name grayed out. I had to select When starting; Manually control
connection state, hit Apply, and then select Automatically detect connection
state and hit Apply again. Then it found the new server.

Half of our users will revolt if I tell them they have to do that, and the
other half will be dazed and confused. How can I provide a script that they
can double click if their Outlook doesn't find the new server?

The old server is called mail and runs Exchange 2000 Standard for one domain
on Windows Server 2003 R2 Standard (unsupported but my predecessor made it
work). The new server is called mail2k3 and runs Exchange 2003 Standard for
the same domain, Organization, Administrative Group, and Routing Group also
on Windows Server 2003 R2 Standard. Many of the clients run Outlook 2000.
Most of the rest run Outlook 2003, and a few run Outlook 2007. All three
versions of Outlook run on Windows XP Professional, mostly SP2 and a few SP3.


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