outlook 2003 blank emails


rage cell

ive just instaled outlook 2003 s/p.3 all updated today with mcafee
security.when i send email The text ive typed (main body) disappears the
recipient gets a blank message although the subject is still there. ive tried
changing the format of the text from plain to rich ect .no change! It also
disappears from the message in my sent items folder and its got me beat any
help would be great



K. Orland

Is antivirus actively scanning your incoming and/or outgoing emails? This
could be the culprit. Email doesn't have to be included since your real time
scanner will handle everything it's been updated for.

Another thing to look at is stationery, if you're using any at all, check
the colour of your font. Try using no stationery to see if this makes a

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