Outlook 2007 cannot save some jpg attachments on Vista


Real Dore


I have a customer runnning outlook 2007 on Vista Business. He can saved attachments in c:\users\username\Document and most of the .jpg, but gets an error when the jpg comes from IPHONE. I forward the message to a Outlook 2003 running on Vista and it worked. If I save the file on that PC and then email that file from Outlook 2003, the user is now able to preview or save the file.

If the customer open the email using OWA, he can see or save the file.

The error he gets are:
“This file cannot be previewed. Try opening the file file in the program in which it was created.”
and “Cannot save the attachment. Cannot create file: photo.jpg

The message suggest to open the properties of the Shorcut (Document) and make sure the user has write access. He does.

Any help would be appreciate.


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