Outlook 2007 Hangs Up



when I try to send a link or a page from IE, use the send to feature for a
word document, or the send to feature in general, outlook will not open up
and complete the action. It looks like it wants to momentarly then stops. At
that point if I try and open Outlook it will not open. I then need to use
task manager to end the process. Did not do this in the past. Outlook is set
as the default e-mail program. Any thoughts?




I've had it where Word could send while Outlook was open but that doesn't
work now either. What's bizarre is that there are no error messages until you
go to quit Word. Sounds like something is broken in MAPI somewhere?

We ourselves are having a bugger of a time getting QuickBooks to email
stuff. Outlook flashes a few times and then the wait starts. Eventually it
pops up and we can send it. Oddly, if we 'batch' the invoices, etc that need
to be emailed from QuickBooks, they go a whole lot faster for some reason.
Was MAPI tweaked in some way during an update? It's not making sense.

The first issue is from a client that has a bunch of Word documents to send
out. They aren't savvy enough to be able to grasp the whole attachment thing.


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