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In my new default form of my Contacts, I have a number of ComboBoxs tha
under the Value, there is the list of the Possible Values. So when
open up the Contact using my new default form, I have a droplist o
words to pick.

In my new default form for a Task, in the P2 I added the sam

Is there someway that there is a macro that when I create the tas
assigned to the contact, I run the macro and it automatically adds th
value of the comboboxs on the contact that I pick to the same combobox
on the task.

For example, as to one Combobox, here are the following info:

The Name under Display is "NextStepCombobox1"

Under the Value, the field that I choose is "Next Step"

Under the Value, the Type is "Text"

Under the Value, the List Type is "Dropdown"

Under the Value, the Property to us is "Value"

Thanks to all for the support




Here are the details just in case anyone has some helpful thoughts.

In my default form for contacts, I have added Comboboxs and each one i
the Value area as to Choose a Field is a Text Field that I created, th
Type is "Dropbown", the Property to Use is "Value", and then unde
Possible Values, I wrote in a list of words and phrases where at the en
of each phrase is ";" which under the Combobox, each phrase shows u
part of a drop list, and I just identify which phrase I want to show i
the field on the Contact. And the other type of Combobox as to Choose
Field, is a Date/Time field and nothing else to add to it, so in th
field of the Date/Time in the Contact, I just type in the appropriat

So what I want to do, is have the same type of Comboboxs from my Contac
to be in the form of the Task, and then when I create a Task that is
Assigned to the Contact through Assign Task or New Task For Contact, th
phrases that I identify in the Comboboxs of the Contact, automaticall
are in the same Comobboxs in the Task to which the Contact is assigne
to in either way I mentioned above.

So these the details and if anyone knows how to do it, I appreciate it
or are there other forums to be connected to in this area.

Thanks again for great advice


And here is another thought as maybe this is more simple.

When I created the Task form, in the Page called P2, that is where
added the same form of Comboboxs from the form of the Contact. And as a
example, one of the Comboboxs that I copied from the Contact form an
pasted it to the Page P2, is called "Next Step" and in the areas o
fields of the Contact form the field name is "Next Step"

Then I added to the Page P2 from the Control Toolbox a "text box".

Then in this "text box" I right clicked on it, chose Properites, Valu
and as to Choose Field, I used the field related to one of the Combobox
of the Contact default form and used the field "Next Step"

So when I run the form of the Task, and in the Combobox I pick one o
the values in the the droplist, and that value automatically shows up i
the "Text Box" I added.

So when I open a contact and create the Task that is an Assign Task t
the contact, or in the list of contacts, I click on a contact (not ope
it), go to Actions, Create, New Task For Contact, how can the "Text Box
in the Task receive the value decided from the drop list from th
Combobox named "Next Step" in the Contact. And if this is something tha
can do it, I don't need a combobox in the Task form, just Text Boxs tha
get the value from specific fields of the Comboboxs or other fields i
the Contact to which the Task is assigned.

Maybe this is easier to do perhaps




I have kind of the same need. Did you manage to implement this in VBA in the end? In case of yes, could you give me a quick hint?
BR and a happy new year,

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