Outlook 2007 password storing error



I'm sporadically and frequently getting a popup asking to enter m
pop-server password even though its saved. It happens to random emai

First: System and background:

Win7, Outlook 2007 Enterprise, POP server (owned domain at hostin
service). Win7 was a clean installation and had no issues until a coupl
days ago.

I've read just about everything I can find and here is what I've done
none of it having worked:

-Deleted every mailbox account and rebuilt them

-Deleted the PROTECT folder

-Removed all anti-virus software

-Did a System restore to about a week before the proble started

-Obviously checked the password save box

-Tried Outlook in safe mode

Then I unisntalled Office 2007 and reinstalled to no avail. However
after install my settings were still there so registery entrie
obviously were not deleted.

I found a MS support article that explains how to reset the registr
permissions and delete old account info within the registry for XP, bu
not Vista or Win7.

A solution would be greatly appreciated


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