Outlook 2007 Performance Mess!



Dear MSFT MVP's,

I am a software engineer that uses email messages on a large scale to
communicate with its team and other people. I migrated from Outlook 2003 to
Outlook 2007 last year and since then I can find my peace anymore.

Several performance problems and architectural design of Outlook 2007 made
me and my team lose tenths and hundreds of hours because of its poor design
when it comes to overall performance and UI interactions. We also we ran
into the limitations of the newly stupid rendering engine that can’t display
properly tables with more than 40 columns. This had a tremendous effect on
our alerting products that used emails to alert the users so we had to
rewrite part of the UI and core to cope with this sophisticated Outlook 2007

It seems that MSFT ran out of good developers when it came to Outlook 2007
(MVP’s: please have the courage to respond to this post if you are able to
prove the contrary).

My Scenario: Outlook 2007, 5 IMAP Accounts, one Hotmail. Several 15 thousand
emails in all IMAP folders, some 200 distributed in all Inbox folders of all

My Problems & Suggestions:
1. Every time I open the Outlook on a slow connection (e.g while travelling)
I can’t make use of it until a complete synchronization is performed. Every
synchronization seems to lock the connection to the IMAP servers, so that you
can’t use the Outlook UI which is blocked in a SINGLE THREAD Application.
YES, single thread; Guys, please, multithreaded applications were invented
way before MSFT started working on Outlook 2007.
2. During each synchronization Outlook UI is frozen; you can’t do anything
with the selected account. It seems that a good developer would have
displayed the first page of messages and performed the sync in background.
3. Every time I click on a message, Outlook freezes the UI until the entire
message is downloaded. What a good developer could do is to display a message
that tells “Please wait, the message is downloaded in background and you can
see a small progress of the processâ€. But no, they just froze everything; how
nice and jovial it looks when you are in the middle of a presentation with
clients and want to show them an alert email? Is so nice that you have to
wait minutes without being able to perform that task.
4. Search Indexer, wow, what a nice job it does: indexing all files all over
again you make changes on your configuration or start Outlook again. Wouldn’t
it be much simpler to mark the indexed emails and index only the newest? I am
sure that a good developer would have done so.

Now my question is: when is Outlook 2008 going to be published? I "look
forward" to pay a huge deal of money for an application with hundreds of new
features that are NOT working, I want to smudge my hair out in every
presentation, I want to be unable to read my emails in a reasonable manner,

Dear MVP’s, please don’t bother replying with Tips & Tricks of how to make
Outlook 2007 faster, I've already tried almost everything: KB's,
configurations & archiving messages. Thses tenths of pages of configurations
are another way of telling us to use an application other than Microsoft’s.
Please remember that one of the first laws of software development you learn
in schools is that “A software application has to be adapted to the user’s
needs, and not vice-versaâ€.

It looks that I am not the only crazy on the planet with this problem:
Google reports 2 million articles for “Outlook 2007 Performance Problemsâ€,
MSN Live reports 4.6 Millions with the sexual filter On, and 5 millions with
the sexual filter Off (It seems that 4 hundred thousand people had good
phrases for MSFT).

Dear MSFT, please take it as a fact, not as a story. Be aware that few by
few people realize the value of some systems you provide and will simply
choose another company for business and pleasure.

We, the MSFT adepts, are keen to help you provide good instruments based on
the feedback we provide, but, when an year passes and you don’t move a finger
to correct well known problems, a question mark is raised: Does MSFT has
professionals to deal with these aspects (it seems not), is it a low budget
allocated for these issues (it seems yes), or it is a fact of how MSFT deal
with customers (this would hurt us)?

Thanks you and please excuse my “direct†remarks, if any.

This post is a suggestion for Microsoft, and Microsoft responds to the
suggestions with the most votes. To vote for this suggestion, click the "I
Agree" button in the message pane. If you do not see the button, follow this
link to open the suggestion in the Microsoft Web-based Newsreader and then
click "I Agree" in the message pane.




Will Mason


I ahve to agree with you 100%. This drives me absolutely insane.

What I don't understand, is why there is not a single response to your

There are tons of responses to the other posts about, tips, tricks, and why
its not a bug, its a fearture.


Brian Tillman

Will Mason said:
None of us MVPs work for Microsoft, nor can we dictate its development. At
best, we can make suggestions to our Microsoft contacts, but it's better
coming from the customers like yourself.

Will Mason

What do you suggest is the best way to contact Microsoft directly? I've tried
the normal contact from the Microsoft site, and it seems I'm sending messages
to a black hole.

These forums seemt o be the only place to get any kind of response from

My real goal is to just have a great product. And be able to get support for
it, when needed.

So any insight is greatly appreciated since I'm really close to switching my
company away from Microsoft because of all the headaches.


Ben M. Schorr - MVP (OneNote)

What do you want me to say? He's ranting. He specifically tells us he
doesn't want any tips on how to make it faster so I'm not sure what kind
of response MVPs are supposed to give him. We didn't write the thing.

To address his issues more specifically I don't use IMAP, I don't send
e-mails with more than 40 (FORTY!?) columns, I don't connect my Outlook
to Hotmail. He clearly doesn't want to try and troubleshoot it so all I
can do is nod and click "next."

I use Outlook 2007 primarily in an Exchange Server environment and it
runs like a champ for me. Fast, stable, easy. The only consistent
problems I have are with the RSS feature which is known to be a little
suspect in this version and will certainly get some attention for the
next one.

Best wishes and aloha,

Ben M. Schorr, MVP
Roland Schorr & Tower
Author - The Lawyer's Guide to Microsoft Outlook 2007:

Brian Tillman

Will Mason said:
What do you suggest is the best way to contact Microsoft directly?
Call them using the appropriate phone number listed on the Microsoft support
web site.




Hello, please help. I am going crazy with my Outlook locking up on me. It
runs slow and at times it will show "not responding" this of course happens
when I need it the most.

I also work with an exchange server, I get quite a few emails daily and it
just bogs down so bad that it can take me quite a few seconds to for my
typing to play catch up with where I am in the email. It can take sometimes
30 seconds for emails to load, send and replies and on and on... I just wish
that I could get it to work at least as fast as I can type which is only
about 30 words per minute...

Well what do you think, please!!

Thank You,




I also am only on an exchange server. I just got Outlook '07. I pretty much
only have the startup problem I've seen described around on this website. It
takes an enormous amount of time to sync with the server. Once on, it seems
to run pretty well, at least so far as I can tell right now. Do you have any
suggestions to fix this issue? The sync takes a few minutes and seems to be
something one should not have to deal with on a brand new product and

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