Outlook 2011 for Mac slow to ask for login when connected to Exchange Server



We have about 15 Macs using Microsoft Office 2011. Outlook is
connected to a company wide local Exchange Server hosting about 400

When we open Outlook 2011 for Mac, it takes anywhere from 10 seconds
to 4 minutes before we get our login dialog box. The accounts that
take longer does have more activity/messages/shared calendars/
configurations/etc. However, I can't seem to find an exact
correlation as to why the times vary from user to user.

Also, those computers with the slowest times exhibit many more
spinning ball delays throughout the day. This occurs whether or not
Outlook 2011 is in the foreground or background.

When Outlook 2011 was installed 6 months ago with the data imported
from Outlook 2008, the problem did not occur. Around about the second
month, we started seeing some machines take 30 seconds to present the
login dialog box. Now, we're seeing 2 machines taking about 4 minutes
before presenting the login dialog box.

Rebuilding the Microsoft Database does not reduce the time. Deleting
and reconfiguring the account in Outlook 2011 makes the problem go
away only temporarily (like 2 launches of the app.)

All computers are running MacOS 10.6.7. All versions Outlook for the
Mac are current at version 14.1.

Is anyone else with Exchanges Servers experiencing long periods of
time before the login dialog pops up?

Does anyone have suggestions about how to configure Outlook 2011 to
reduce this delay?

Does anyone have suggestions about the kinds of questions I should ask
the Exchange Admins that might lead to the solution to this problem?



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