Outlook 2013 and Outlook.com



Sorry if this question has been asked previously but, if it has, as a
newbie I would ask for forgiviness.

I now have a Windows phone so the calendar has to integrate with
Outlook.com. The standard Outlook contains a calendar. You are
supposed to be able to import the Outlook calendar into Outlook.com
but this won't work and throws up an error message.

I wonder if it is possible to link the two Outlooks, possibly by
saving Outlook 2013 to Skydrive rather than to the usual .pst file. My
other query is whether it is possible to back-up the Outlook.com
calendar. I know you can export it, but I would prefer to back it up
in its existing format.

One more point: I see the phone seems to delete appointments after
about four weeks. Can I change this, and can I be sure the details on
Outlook.com (Skydrive) will not be deleted?

Thanks for any insights.


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