Outlook 2013 Messages can sit in the Outbox anywhere from 5 seconds up to 60 seconds before being se

Sep 17, 2016
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We have an instance where it is only occurring for one user where messages can vary and sit in the outbox anywhere between 5-60 seconds.I have checked many items online and I have tried all of the requested solutions as listed below.

  1. Checked for any bad updates
  2. Took Outlook offline and put it back online
  3. Downloaded the GAL
  4. Took it off Cached mode and put it back on the Cached Mode
  5. Checked attachments and sizes
  6. Made sure all folders were up to date
  7. I removed Outlook “Plug-ins” that may have been causing an issue
  8. I recreated the Outlook profile and made sure everything was up to date
  9. I will need to test with OWA as I was not there today to do so.
  10. We will also be testing this with another PC to see if the same thing happens
  11. The last thing I can think of is having the end user change the password to see if things make a difference. The password was not changed by the end user.
This was tried with OWA and it worked as it should, I also want to note the Symantec Endpoint Encryption is installed and we believe this is the cause.

Many thanks in advance.


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