Outlook BCM 2010 and Accounting Professional 2009



I just recieved a message from MS regarding the the discontinued development
of Microsoft Accounting Professional 2009. I really like the integration
between Outlook BCM 2007 and the Accounting 2009 software. In fact this is a
primary reason why I purchased Accounting 2009 even though I do business
primaraly in Canada (Not officially supported).

My question is, now that Accounting 2009 is no longer being developed will
it still integrate with Outlook BCM 2010?

I personally think that MS is cutting its throat with small businesses
intrested in utilizing automated tools to increase there effectiveness.

I feel that I am now being forced away from MS solutions in favor of
possibly SAGE for a crm and accounting software.


The support lifecycle is 5 years, which will include security / bug fixes.
I believe Office 2010 is a year away

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