Outlook Cache mode



I have a mixed mode Exchange 2003 SP2 and exchange 2007 enviroment. I am
currently working on getting users migrated over to the 2007 side. I
moved a bunch of users this weekend and i have one user in our regional
office that whenever she open outlook in cache mode she can only see her
Subfolders for a Minute then they become unavailable and she cannot send or
receive. When I log into a PC in our main office i had no issues with her
account losing connection until I moved my computer account over to the OU
that the regional office Computers are in. She was able to get in from OWA
fine and get her work done but not in Outlook. Below are things we have
already tried. We aolso recently migrated over to Outlook 2007 from 2003.

1. Recreated her Outlook profile on the Regional PC.
2. Recreated her Windows and Outlook profile on the regional office PC
3. Tried her profile on Main office Laptop worked fine.
4. Had her log in through OWA worked fine
5. Moved my laptop to Regional office OU and her Outlook drops connection
and then working and then dropping and keeps going back and forth.
6. Moved my Laptop back to Main office OU and still the same droppign
in it now.
7. Took her Outlook profile out of Cache mode and it seems to be working
my laptop in Main office with my computer account still in Regional OU.
8. Tried bumping up her mailbox limit and it seemed to work for a an hour.
9. Moving her Outlook profile to not run in cache Mode but still need to
find a fix since her mailbox is Housed on Main office Exchange server now.

Any help would be appreciated. I already have this Posted on the Exchange
side also.


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