Outlook calendar issues

Discussion in 'Outlook Calendar' started by Chip Mann, Dec 14, 2012.

  1. Chip Mann

    Chip Mann Guest

    We are having an Outlook calendar problem at work. Julie sends out
    calendar events with the all day option selected. So she sent out an item
    for Friday all day. When I got it in my inbox it said it was for Friday at
    12 am-Saturday at 12am, when I hit approve, it went onto my calendar as
    Thursday 6pm-Friday at 6pm.

    I checked her desktop and we are both set for the central time zone so
    it’s not that.
    Chip Mann, Dec 14, 2012
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  2. Chip Mann



    Which Outlook version you are using? I have also faced the same issue. I accidentally deleted the calendar items from Outlook 2007, but I sorted out this problem and recover calendar items from outlook 2007 by using Outlook recovery software. I hope this software helps you to solve problem regarding to the Outlook application. Moreover you can download free demo version of this software and try to fix your problem.

    More Info: http://www.pst-recovery.org/retrieve-calendar-items-from-broken-pst-file-on-outlook-2007.html

    Free Download Link: http://www.pst-recovery.org/download/pst-recovery.exe
    , Jan 10, 2013
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