Outlook does screwy things when moving some messages to differentfolders


Outlook Guy

This is Outlook 2000, but I believe the problem is common to all
versions of Outlook.

When ever I select a single e-mail or a group of e-mails and then try
to move them to a different folder, I've got a 50-50 chance that
instead of moving them, outlook will open a new e-mail composition
window and throw the message(s) being moved into the new message as an

At that point, the messages are basically lost, because I can't undo
that action. If I simply try to close the new message composition
window, outlook won't return the attached messages back to where they
came from.

I've read where Outlook may (or will) do this when the messages being
moved are some sort of higher-level message type (like a calender or
scheduled item) but that doesn't apply to the messages I'm moving -
they are pure internet e-mail messages, either ones that I've recieved
(and are sitting in my inbox) or messages that I've sent (and are
sitting in my sent folder).

How can I fix or alter Outlook so that this behavior stops?

Anyone seen this before?


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