Outlook/Hotmail will not send one 7MB email attachment

Discussion in 'Outlook General' started by carver, Nov 9, 2013.

  1. carver

    carver Guest

    My hotmail program was automatically changed to Outlook a few month
    ago. It has been working okay. I could not get online recently becaus
    after running an anti-malware program, I got the message that Hotmai
    (my homepage) was not setup to connect to the internet. A technicia
    from Brighthouse came yesterday and "re-set" the computer. I do not kno
    what he did, but I could go online after that and send attachments
    However, when I tried to send a 7MB avi attachment Hotmail either di
    nothing or seemed to go through the motions but never actually accepte
    the email. I converted the .avi file to .wmv but got the same reults
    After many, many tries I took the same attachment to my wife's lapto
    and used my Hotmail there to send the same attachment. It went well
    Both of our computers have Window7 64-bit and use Internet Explorer.

    Since Hotmai on my wife's laptop l sends the same attachment tha
    Hotmail on my computer, there must be a problem with Hotmail on m
    computer. I contacted Brighthouse about this but they say that they d
    not work on "Hotmail," I need to contact Microsoft for that. An
    carver, Nov 9, 2013
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  2. It was changed to Outlook.com, not Outlook. Outlook (Outlook.exe) is a
    separate program, not a web site, and it's a component of Microsoft

    You're not the first person to have confused the two and you won't be
    the last; Microsoft has done us all a disservice by naming two such
    different things so similarly.

    This newsgroup is about Outlook, not Outlook.com, so your question is
    really off-topic here.
    Ken Blake, MVP, Nov 9, 2013
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  3. carver

    amanda_lakai Guest

    The maximum attachment size limit for Outlook.com is 25MB, so thi
    shouldn’t happen. But if it’s causing problem then, try out th
    following tricks:
    1. First upload your attachment file to SkyDrive page then, send it.
    2. Try methods to reduce the size of the file:
    • Compress the file before uploading. You can use WinZip or some othe
    compression software.
    • If it’s possible, then divide the file into smaller files and send i
    one by one.

    If the issue still persists with your system then it can be possibl
    that your system blocks the message due to its content or there can als
    be some browser compatibility issue.

    I have found one relevant link, see if it helps:
    amanda_lakai, Dec 6, 2013
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