Outlook Inbox Bi-Directional Connectivity


Timothy Michel

Thanks. I have created an email account and it is attached to the default
inbox. The problem now it that I'm not seeing the hotmail account update when
I make changes in Outlook. In E-mail Settings under the "More Settings"
dialogue box in the Advanced tab I have set POP3 to port 995 (port 110
doesn't work) and checked the box "This server requires an encrypted
connection, (SSL)" and set SMTP to port 587 (port 25 doesn't work) with the
box "Use the following encrypted connection" set to "TSL", I've tried both
"SSL" and "TSL"; since TSL is the successor to SSL I assumed that would be
the appropriate encryption protocol. Under the "Outgoing Server" tab I
checked the box in front of "My outgoing (SMTP) requires authentication" and
checked "Use same settings as my incoming mail server". In "Connections I
checked "connect using my local area network (LAN). I am also using McAffee
filtering on my default inbox. All I can do there is exclude specific senders
from exclusion, and that doesn't seem to affect the behavior on the default
Inbox. Is there a simpler way to get bi-directional connectivity so that I
can manage email accounts from Outlook without having to go to the specific
email sites?

Timothy Michel

Well, somehow Outlook sucked all the Messages from my account on the Hotmail
Server, I mean sucked it dry. When I logged into my hotmail account I got a
message that my Inbox was empty. So I went back into the email setup and into
advanced settings and checked the box that says "Don't delete messages on the
server until they are deleted from the Deleted folder." Now I think I have
complete control of my Hotmail account from Outlook.I also think that because
of a huge amount of transfers from Hotmail, Outlook didn't get a chance to
update the server until after it was finished indexing. Everything seems to
be working fine now. I'll leave things as they are until I run into another



Since September 1, WebDAV access to Live Hotmail/MSN accounts has been
For Outlook 2003 and 2007, you can use the use the Outlook Connector
For Outlook 2002 and previous, you'll have to configure it with POP3
If you are using Outlook Express, use Windows Live Mail instead (successor
of Outlook Express).

For more details and the new account configuration see;

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