Outlook meeting location auto prompts with a suggestion list - need to disable

Feb 23, 2023
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In outlook, when you create a meeting, under the location field, there is a suggestion list that does not work as intended by our company, causing issues and we would like it to be disabled.

The suggestions are not intuitive and display rooms that are not bookable, rooms hidden on GAL and should not show up to book, public locations that are not managed by our company and hours away).
So we have an issue at our company of staff clicking on one of the suggested booking rooms and causing issues, it allows double bookings and cancels the first booking to allow the .

I have already contacted Microsoft Support who advised this is in-build feature and can not be disabled and to post on the Forum to get revised, because apparently there has not been complaints about this feature and the feature works great apprently.

Anybody else facing this issue?
Would really like some help on any workarounds and suggestions people may have :)


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    room showing up under suggested.PNG
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