Outlook Tasks not working as described



Can anyone tell me conclusivly how the Outlook Tasks Update feature
works when you are assigning it to people. If I assign a Task to
someone and that person assigns the task to someone else I never
receive any updates. We've gone over all the simple stuff extensivley
like making sure "keep and updated copy" is checked, etc. I also
noticed that in the details tab "Update List" is greyed out and
sometimes a name will show up in there sometimes not, but I can't
figure out what is done differently to make a name appear in there.
Also the "save sort order under Actions" also seems to have some impact
on sending updates, don't know why but it seems to. Office Help says,

"When an owner updates a task, Microsoft Outlook updates all copies of
that task- the copy for the person who originally sent the task
request and copies for any prior owners of that task."

However, this has not been my experience. Is there settings on the
Exchange Server or somewhere else that have to be enabled in order to
get Tasks to work as described above?

Any help is much appreciated. Thanks.


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