Outlook Thrashing my Hard Disk



I'm using Outlook 2007, and it seems to constantly thrash my hard drive. If
I use FILEMON, I see that Outlook is constantly reading, querying
information, and writing to the outlook.ost file. Outlook doesn't indicate
that it's archiving or compacting, so I have no idea what it is doing.

It doesn't seem to affect performance much, it's just annoying as heck as my
laptop is in a docking station right on my desk, so I hear it ALL THE TIME.
It really drives me crazy.

Is Outlook trying to index something? I'm not allowing instant search (as
that really DID seem to cause performance issues).

Any suggestions???




I am also having the exact same issue. The only thing I can see is that it's
accessing ~outlook.ost.tmp and outlook.ost.

Does anyone know what outlook is up to or how to make it stop this behavior?


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