Outlook2000 IMAP Problem


Paul Cho

Currently, I am using outlook2000 which came with Office 2000 Professional
our office is using. I have outlook2000 setup to use IMAP to check e-mail.
However, outlook2000 has two different folder structure, and they are
"mail.mymail.com" folder tree and "Personal Folders" folder tree. I have
problem where mail is being sent from "mail.mymail.com" being saved at "Sent
Mail" folder under "Personal Folders" which does not sync with IMAP folder.
I have problem where employees are conducting daily business and sometimes
requried to look into their sent mail forlder to see what they have
sent-forms, mails, etc. How can I make the system to do either these two
functions that I want to.

1. somehow make "Personal folder" into my mail folder

2. somehow make sent mail go to "sent mail" folder under appropriate mail
tree folder.

I have very little choice other than using outlook 2000 because that's what
we have here at the office and does it's job very well except outlook2000
IMAP problem I am having...


ps: Outlook2000 is currently running latest update sp3.


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