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Discussion in 'Outlook General' started by iCod, Jan 29, 2014.

  1. iCod

    iCod Guest

    does anyone know how to make outlook automaticaly read email
    on opening the program rather than having to click send/receive?
    iCod, Jan 29, 2014
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  2. iCod

    VanguardLH Guest

    Configure Outlook to schedule periodic polls of your accounts. When you
    configure it to, say, poll every 10 minutes then the zeroeth minute
    (when it loads) is included.

    Tools -> Send/Receive -> Send/Receive Settings -> Define Send/Receive Groups

    If you want to force a poll when you want (i.e., do a manual poll),
    enable the F9 key option. If you want Outlook to schedule periodic
    polls, select the time interval and enable the schedule option. Set the
    offline settings the same way unless you truly want Outlook to remain
    offline even if you hit the F9 key or the poll interval elapses.

    Don't set the poll interval lower than 5 minutes. It can be seen as
    abusive by a free e-mail provider. Outlook will not wait to finish a
    mail poll if during one the time elapses and the next poll time comes
    up. That is, if you are downloading some large e-mails and had the poll
    interval at only 1 minute, the e-mails might be downloading and, bang,
    another mail poll starts after the 1 minute interval. This means your
    current poll gets interrupted and another starts. You don't finish
    downloading during the current poll event so they get discarded and you
    start to download those items again. You end up continually trying to
    re-download the same large e-mails. You never when some boob attaches a
    huge video file (that is within the quota limit of your e-mail provider
    for e-mail size). E-mail transfer is a lot slower than HTTP or FTP
    downloads, and there is no resume function. Besides, if you are getting
    so many e-mails that you need to know immediately when they arrive, can
    you really read a whole bunch of e-mails in under 5 minutes?

    You can configure Outlook to not download the entire e-mail and just get
    its headers. For each account, decide if you want Outlook to download
    the complete item or just its headers. Yeah, that means you won't end
    up having to get stuck with downloading huge e-mails that you might not
    want just because someone wanted to send you a video of the birth of
    their child but it also means you will now have to mark each e-mail that
    you do want and then do another manual poll (or wait until the next
    scheduled one) to get the body of the e-mail to read it. Anyone that
    sends me oversized e-mails gets trained not to do so. I'll tell them
    that I won't accept e-mails from them anymore if they continue being
    impolite, tell them to store their large file somewhere online (and give
    some example sites), and to insert a hyperlink to their big file in the
    e-mail. Then I get their e-mail and *I* can decide whether or not I
    want to retrieve their big file.

    There is also the problem of the mail servers getting overly busy.
    Hotmail, for example, when it gets too busy may accept and start a mail
    session but then abort it during the handshaking (authentication) step.
    E-mail clients don't get much status back. For POP3, there are only 2
    statuses: OK and ERR. IMAP has a couple more status codes but still
    insufficient to clearly identify the cause of an error. If the client
    gets back an ERR during the handshaking part of the mail session, and
    because the comments added to statuses aren't standardized to ensure the
    client knows what happened, the client only knows the authentication
    step failed. You get a bogus alert from your e-mail client claiming
    your login credentials were wrong when, in fact, it was the server that
    chose to abort the mail session during the handshaking process and not
    because it even got to asking for USER and PASS. The more often you
    poll then the more often you'll hit this bogus alert.

    I set my mail poll interval to 10 minutes. That eliminates abusing a
    [free] mail server. It reduces how many times I get the bogus alert
    claiming my logon was incorrect. It allows sufficient time for the slow
    transfer of e-mail to retrieve any that may have huge attachments.
    VanguardLH, Jan 29, 2014
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