Page Headers printing on subsequent pages above a subreport



I have a main report in which has a page header. However, after inserting my
subreport, which has it's own report header, the page header from the main
report is still printing on the subsequent pages above my subreport. I've
tried "keep together" in grouping, page breaks, etc. But nothing I'm doing is
working. Any ideas?


Hi Kelly,

Do the following:
1. Open the subreport in design view
2. Click on the Sorting and Grouping icon in the toolbar at the top
of the screen
3. Under Field/Expression type in = True and set Sort Order to
4. Under Group Properties, set Group Header to Yes
5. Create the titles to be printed out in the = True Header

If you want to repeat the titles on each page, set the Repeat Section
property (Format tab) to Yes.

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Hi Steve,

Sorry, but that didn't work. It instead puts the headers above every single
entry rather than at the top of each page. I have two different looking
headers with two separate lists. Just trying to stop the first headers from
flowing onto the second report report. Any other ideas?


Hey Steve,

Figured it out. The Page Header was set to print on "All Pages". So I reset
it to "not [print on] rpt ftr". That did the trick. Thanks for your input

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