Page X of Y printing incorrect numbers



Mac OS X 10.6.4 Word 12.2.7 – Networked Macbook and iMac

I’ve tried searching using every combination and permutation of search
features I can think of but can’t find an answer to this problem.

The documents I create are just normal documents. No section breaks.

For years, (Windows Word 1 through Mac Office 2004) the page numbering
I’ve used has been Page X of Y placed in the footer. With Word 2008,
I open footer, open tools, select Page Number and Number of Pages and
manipulate to show Page X of Y. I close the header/footer, and the
numbering shows up correctly in print layout view, say Page 1 of 20,
etc. If I do a Print Preview, the numbering shows correctly.
However, when I print the document, each page has Page 1 of 1, Page 2
of 2, etc. all the way to the last page!

So, I’m thinking this is a field, so maybe it's a field problem. But
if so, why are the numbers showing OK in page layout and print
preview? On-screen everything looks great, but print the document and
the same print number problem persists 1 of 1, 2 of 2, etc. I save
the document to Dropbox and open it on an iMac. Again, on-screen it
looks fine but printing gives me the same garbage!

HOWEVER, sometimes it works fine! I cannot for the life of me
determine what changes are made to print the correct numbers! I
rarely use fields and my Macbook keyboard setup makes updating a field
very difficult so I just don’t do it.

That it works inconsistently is truly frustrating. Maybe it’s me?
Please. If I’m doing something obviously incorrect or stupid, can
someone point it out?





An old post, but the problem remains.

I have the same issue on a windows computer, Word 2007. It's curious, because it only happens on one printer.

Has anyone already solved this?

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