Paper size error - Word 2002/Windows NT



Hello ... I am pretty much a newbie and am trying to print envelopes which
are a non standard size.

My envelope is 5.7 x 9.5" .. I set it using the "Envelopes" option from the
pull down tools menu and use the "Custom Size" option to change the envelope
size. I keep getting a "Paper Size" error telling me the size in the
software (Word) disagrees with the size of the paper in the printer tray ..
not true! My printer is an HP DeskJet 5740 and I have had no problems in
other applications using non standard paper.

Any help would be much appreciated.




Terry Farrell

There are several possibilities here: first make sure that you have the
latest printer driver from HP and delete and reinstall the driver if a newer
version is available. There is also a difference between how paper sizes and
how envelopes are handled by Word and the printer. Word pulls it printing
information from the printer driver. Does the printer definitely support
that size envelopes? My guess is that it doesn't, so what you may have to do
is to select the nearest size envelope to the 5.7 x 9.5 and then adjust the
margins in Word to compensate.


I have the latest driver .. I thought the "custom" option was for changing
to non standard sizes, but will change the margins and see if that works
to-morrow .. thanks v much for your reply, much appreciated.


Graham Mayor

Custom is supposed to allow user sizes to be set, but only if the driver
will allow it. Lots of drivers are very reluctant to use custom sizes. Some
others allow you to define custom sizes. The easiest solution, as suggested
by Terry, is to use a large *standard* paper size and restrict the area
accessible to the document text with margins.

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Graham Mayor - Word MVP

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