Passing a public object into a function




I use VBA automation to control Word using Excel. In Excel, I work with a public oDocWord object which is a Word.Document. So, I understand that the public object have not to be pass into a function.

I have modified a specific Sub in order to use the same Sub in many programs. In this Sub, the oDocWord object is pass into many functions. It works but sometimes I get abnormal result in Word (ex: I produce like 20 tables but for 3 cells of a specific table, it doesn't work when I try to underline it, I go step by step and Word doesn't take it.) I had never had these issues before. It's like if the object get corrupted. I wonder if there is a known issue about this? I posted an example of the code below.

Thank you,

Example (simplified):

Public oDocWord as Word.Application

Sub Main()

Set oDocWord = ...


Call functionA(oDocWord, sName)

End Sub

FunctionA(oDocWord as Word.Document, sName as string)
oDocWord.Style = sName
End Function


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