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Discussion in 'Access Security' started by Ron A., May 27, 2010.

  1. Ron A.

    Ron A. Guest

    I just downloaded a database created to be shared, but not altered except for
    some personalization items. The datbase is set up with what looks like a form
    asking for a passowd. In the instructions I used the password provided and it
    took. Good so far... I then chose the option to change the passord and I
    thought that if I blanked it out that it would then let me in with just
    pressing ok the next time I needed to enter the password. WRONG! It now says
    that the password is wrong and it will not even take the original password
    provided. What can I do? I just spent 2 hours putting data into it and I
    don't want to start over.
    Ron A., May 27, 2010
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