Password protect two separate folders within the root folder



I currently have a web site hosted by The web site pertains to
our High School 50th reunion. The site is SSL and password protected as it
contains personal information that we don't want available to the whole
world. I have a folder in the web site that that is named classsite and it
holds all of the password protected pages. I used the MS Article ID 825498
on how to create a pass-word protected Web Page. I am using FP 2003 and the
FP extensions are on the server. Password protection on the site works as
it was designed to work.

Now comes my question. I want to add another folder for another class from
our High School. I want the password protection to cover both folders with
access to both available when logged on.

My password database is in the root _private folder, my file is
in the classsite/_private folder and all of the include lines on the pages
point to the classsite/_private folder as shown here:
"<% @language="vbscript" %>
<!--#include virtual="/classsite/_private/"-->"

Will moving the file to the root private folder and changing the
references to it on each password protected page be all I need to do? The
web site is called CHSNewSite on my computer, but is on the
web. If I changed it according to the instructions on the above referenced
article, the reference would be <!--#include
virtual="/CHSNewSite/_private/"--> . That doesn't seem right to
me. I would like some advise from the experts before I try it and mess it

Any help would be appreciated.

Lee Steele

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