Percentages AND Value lables on Stacked Columns



I'm trying to build a graph that would have the stacked bars labeled with
BOTH the Percentages and the Values for each series. The y-axis should be
the values, not percentages.
Here's what I'm trying to show; the table has names of customers on the
first column. the rows are different quarters so basically you can see how
much revenue came from each customer in each quarter. I would like to plot a
chart that would have the quarters on the x-axis, the dollar amounts on the
y-axis and the customers representing different colors on the stacked bar. so
far it's pretty easy (using stack bar format). Here's where it get trickier:
if i choose "values" in the data label options, i will see the dollar amount,
which is great, but I want to also have on each series (each color) the
percentage of that customer's revenue of the total revenue per that quarter,
which is basically equal to the height of the bar.
the "percentage" option under the data labels is greyed, i could only choose
the absolute values... any ideas? thanks in advance...



Jon Peltier

Those compound labels are only available for pie charts, since pie charts
need all the help they can get to show any useful information.

You can construct your own compound labels. In a range adjacent to the
plotted data, use formulas that concatenate cell contents to form the label
text. Then use one of these free Excel utilities to apply labels in this
range to the points in the chart:

Rob Bovey's Chart Labeler,
John Walkenbach's Chart Tools,

- Jon

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