Permission/access issues in Word 2003 (possible inheritance bug?)




I am having permissions/access issues in Word 2003. When saving a
document an error message appears "Word cannot save or create this
file. Make sure that the disk you want to save the file on is not full,
write-protected, or damaged." However, the permissions are correct and
the disk/folder is writable.


I am working on Word 2003 on XPSP2 in an Active Directory (W2K3)

The folder structure has been set so that all users can read a specific
file, but only a specified staff member can modify the file, for
-Folder1 - permissions inherited, included is "Authenticated Users"
with Full Control.
--Subfolder1a - permission inheritance turned off (copied) and
"Authenticated Users" only have Read & Execute only.
---File1 in Subfolder1a - the permission on this file is
inherited (eg: Auth. Users have R&E) but then I have added an explicit
entry with the name of the only user that can change that file, with
Modify perms.

* If I run "Effective Permissions", the expected permissions are

* If I open the document in NotePad or WordPad (or even Excel), the
results are as expected, eg: if I have modify permissions then I can
modify the document.

* However, if I open the document in Word I cannot save the document
(with the error message as noted above). It appears as if Word is
taking the permissions from the folder - rather than the file contained
in the folder.

As a work around I have just given all users modify rights - with an
attached threat of bodily harm if they touch anothers document ;-) but
this would be a problem with a larger organisation.

Any help greatly appreciated.



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