Pivot table data source and resize



The ASPX page currently displays OWC spreadsheet control, populated with HTML
data passed from VB dot net code (Respose.write). The users would like to
have the same tabular data in a pivot table control so they could perform
their own crosstabs and aggregations. Ideally, I would like to copy the
datasource of the OWC spreadsheet to the OWC pivot table. I would appreciate
knowing if this is possible, and if so, I would really appreciate sample code.

Second question: what is the property or setting for OWC pivot table so that
the object can be resized (dragging from the lower right corner)? The OWC
spreadsheet control shows this option and I would like to have this option
for the pivot table control.

Thank you in advance. Lynda



Alvin Bruney [MVP]

you can bind the pivot table to the data that the spreadsheet is loading.
there's code posted in here on how to do just that so trying googling this

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