Pivot Table, Line Chart with Secondary Y axis, Page Field selection destroys Y2 axis



Even after googling for a while I cannot find anyone with the same
problem, so here it is:

if generating a Line Chart out of a Pivot Table with Page fields, AND
using a Secondary Y Axis in the line chart to separate 2 or more
curves, this secondary Y axis disappears as soon as any Page Field
value is reselected or changed!
I'd call this a serious bug.

Depending on the Excel versions I tried the effect is different, but
destructive to that Y2 association:
- in Excel 2002 (SP2) all curves of the Line Chart are associated with
the Primary Y axis, the secondary one disappears
- in Excel 2000 the LABELS of BOTH Y axes disappear (even worse as the
curves can no longer associated with each scale)

The only way to get the Secondary Y Axis back is to select any curve
and change "Axis" in the "Format Series" menu.

Is there any official fix for this or a work-around.
We generate these charts programmatically through VB/VBA and need it
work reliably.

michael walter


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