Please help: C# COM Plug-in not releasing Excel properly when embe


Fredrik G


Some of you have seen this question before, but I still haven't got a
solution to my problem, and it's getting rather critical - my customers are

My plugin implements IDTExtensibility2. If I leave the stubs (OnConnection,
OnDisconnection, etc) empty, I can open an Excel-document embedded in
Internet Explorer, and when I leave the page, such as clicking Back, Excel
will close-down. So far so good.

However, my plugin must listen to the WorkbookOpen event. I hook it up in
OnStartupComplete, like so:
applicationObject.WorkbookOpen += new

But now, even if I leave the applicationObject_WorkbookOpen event-handler
empty, this makes Excel running like an orphaned process, when I leave the IE

I am pretty aware of COM reference counting etc, but I can't figure out a
way to have an event-handler hooked up (which requires a reference to
Excel.Application) and still being able to close down Excel when the user
leaves the IE page.

Any ideas? I'm using Office XP and .NET 1.1



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