Plot a time series on the x-axis and categories on the y-axis




I have data from a Communication plan which I want to show graphically, to
show when each stakeholder category begins its engagement.

I want to plot data with a time series (mmm-yy) on the x-axis, then a range
of stakeholders (text) on the y-axis, with a point on the chart showing when
each stakeholder starts its Comms.

I'm having some trouble getting any charts in Excel to show data in this
way. I can do it flipped round - with time on the y- and categories on the
x-axis - but I specifically want the time series on the X-axis.

Any advice would be great. Unfortunately I can't send any sample data.




Tushar Mehta

You might want to look at how to create a Gantt chart. Look at the below or
search Google.

Using a Worksheet for a Gantt Chart - I

Gantt (Project) chart

Tushar Mehta
Custom business solutions leveraging a multi-disciplinary approach
In Excel 2007 double-click to format may not work; right click and select
from the menu


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