plot schedule-type data in graph, date and times as x & y axes



want to plot schedule-type data on graph x axis is 30 days of month and 3
rooms per day; y axis is hour of day from 6am to 8pm in 15min increments,
want to plot for say, the 3rd of the month in room 1: 7am-8:15, 10:30-11:15,
1145-1400, 1415-1530, 1600-1730, then other times for room 2, for each day
of the month, several rooms per day. Is this impossible- if impossible in
Excel, then is there another program that can do this??Thanx!




What I came up with is this:
Format column as time "13:30"
Column B starting at cell B2
Enter "06:00" without the ""
Cell B3 enter formula "=B2 +(15/1440)"
This will add the 15 minute offset.
Then copy B3 down to B58

In row1 Column C thru Column AF
Enter 1 thru 30 for your days of the month.

Your next step is to select cells for each room, merge the cells and enter
text "Room 1" or "Room 2" or "Room 3".
To make it easy for updating, I would do everything except adding the room
times on Sheet1. Then select the block to the left of "A" and above "1" to
select the whole sheet, then select copy. Select Sheet2, select the same
block as Sheet1 and paste. This will give you a template.

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