Popping open a sub-list

Discussion in 'Access General' started by Puppet_Sock, Apr 4, 2013.

  1. Puppet_Sock

    Puppet_Sock Guest

    So I have a table with associated one-to-many relationships with other
    tables. Such as, a document can have many authors.

    And I want to show a list of the documents, with some kind of control
    like a + sign or something. And selecting one document in the list
    then clicking on the + sign pops opens the list of authors under the
    document, and changes the + to a - (or something). Then clicking the -
    closes the sub-list and changes it back to a +.

    I'm guessing I could brute-force that with quite a bit of VBA code. Is
    there a simpler way?
    Puppet_Sock, Apr 4, 2013
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  2. Puppet_Sock

    Phil Hunt Guest

    Just use the wizard to create a subfrom for you.
    Phil Hunt, Apr 5, 2013
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  3. Unless it has been changed in recent Access versions, you can't use a
    Subform Control in a continuous-forms view. And, if I understood the
    question, that is what puppet-sock wanted to do. You can do it with
    slightly more complexity... a continuous-forms view so you can click and
    open a single-form-view form of that record, which can contain a subform.
    Access Developer, Apr 7, 2013
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