Popus to look up on two columns


Colin Hayes


I have a small project that I hope someone can help with.

I need a popup to request the choice of a column , and then select all
cells which have contain a number below an input number.

Then a popup would request the choice of a second column , and ask for
specific content.

It would select all rows below the number input in the first popup which
matched the content entered in the second.

For example ;

The first popup(s) input specifies all cells numbered below 100 in
column B.

The second popup(s) would specify a certain content - Say 'Blue' - in
column F.

Result :

1 Green - Not Selected
2 Blue - Selected
23 Blue - Selected
44 Yellow - Not Selected
56 Blue - Selected
78 Red - Not Selected
102 Blue - Not Selected
203 Blue - Not Selected
205 Green - Not Selected
204 Yellow - Not Selected

Grateful for any advice.

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