Positioning text in Visio 2007 UML diagrams



I reverse engineered some code into Visio 2007and am trying to build some UML
diagrams. I created a static structure (class) diagram and built the
associations between the classes. The text for each association (end name
and multiplicity) is automatically positioned on the diagram, often with text
overalapping. I cannot find a way to manually reposition this text. This
leaves the diagram with overlapping, unreadable text and no apparent way to
create a readable diagram.

How can the text associated with UML shapes be repositioned, or am I stuck
with the auto-positioned, overlapping text?

Thomas Wicklund



Aaron Rykhus [MSFT]

There's some commands in middle section of the Shape menu in Visio (on the
menu bar at the top of the Visio window). Some of the commands like Align
Shapes, Distribute Shapes, and Connect Shapes are usually grayed out if you
don't have multiple shapes selected.

You can use the Configure Layout window to change the spacing and connector
style and for the entire page or a selection of shapes, then use Re-layout
Shapes to calibrate the spacing. You could also enlarge the page size if
you start running out of real estate.

Best Regards,

Aaron Rykhus, MCP, MCDST
Online Support Engineer
Microsoft Corporation

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