possible corrupted address book


Barry Schlossberg

I am at a loss about something and need some help.

I have just gotten a Blackberry and am trying to sync with my Outlook 2007.

I have desktop manager and when it goes to sync it indicates it is reading 65525 records from the address book.

At this point I stop the sync because I am uncertain what is going on because I have NO records in my address book and only about 15 contacts in the contact file.

I have removed the address book according to Microsoft instructions but it reads the same 65520+ records after I restart the Outlook.

I guess I want to know whether my address book/contacts is corrupted? (there were in a previous iteration a truckload of "unknowns" in my IPAQ that had been synced with the same computer Outlook earlier)

If so, is there a way to delete all parts of the address book without deleting the entire .pst file, which holds mail settings etc as well?

I hope this makes sense and deeply appreciate any help anyone can give. I'm willing to reinstall Microsoft Office if needed.



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