Possible defect in word 2003 .docx .doc converter



I have recently run into an issue with the .docx to .doc converter in word
I was curious if anyone else has run into this issue - I have not found any
posts adressing this.

The problem is as follows:

I have a Word 2007 document( .docx) that contains one or more word 2003 OLE
embeded objectect. These objects are in .doc format and are greater than > 25
MB in size. These documents open,s and Saves fine in word 2007.
When the .docx file is opened in Word2003 via the converter, the embedded
word 2003 ole object icon is present, but when the user clicks on the icon to
open it, only the "Format Picture" dialog box appears.
If the user using word2003 saves the document at this point, the data in
the embeded document is lost and cannot be opened in word 2007.
This only happens with large word 2003 .doc OLE embeded attachments.
Smaller sized objects open and save just fine.
Any ideas on a workaround for this? It is causing me many headaches as our
organization slowly migrates from 2003 to 2007.


Mike J.


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